play Sand soccer!

"tournament for hope"

When you sign up to play, together we're giving 20% of the proceeds to at-risk youth! 

**Together we're helping others...just by playing the game we love!** 


Sunday // October 15th,2017 // 8am-4pm // Pismo Beach, CA // Ages 14 and Up



Become a part of the Surfwanderer Family!  Our inspiration for everything we do is to inspire hope!  Our belief is that community, together, builds a better community.  This event, as well as everything we do at Surfwanderer is created to have a bigger meaning in life than just ourselves.  If this is something your company believes in, PLEASE CONTACT US TODAY!  



If you are inspired to be a part of helping raise money for at-risk youth  in order to inspire the beach...on a California sunny day...We'd love to have you join the giving family!

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