Scholarship for Tony!


Thank you to all of you who purchased clothing this last week.  $100 was raised for a scholarship for Tony G., and none of this could be possible without the Surfwanderer Family.  

More about Tony G!

For the last two years, Tony G has turned his life into a positive giving machine.  He has served as the Leader of the Leaders of Hope Club at his school, helping others as a mission to find hope himself.  From mentoring J.R. High Students, to being a part of Writing "The Book of Hope," to helping put on the Free Holiday Store at his school for other students in need, Tony G has inspired his teachers and fellow students.  25% of the proceeds from this Surfwanderer Sale will go to Tony G for a college scholorship next year!  Buy  to support Tony!

Football Cleats

The local continuation schools in Paso Robles, Arroyo Grande, Santa Maria, and Lompoc are now competing in a series of sports tournaments.  More cleats were needed for students to compete at their highest levels and have the most fun.  No athlete likes to slide around in tennis shoes in the heat of battle, therefore, Surfwanderer added more cleats this year to a bucket of cleats they've been purchasing for student athletes to wear during the tournaments.  

Though it may just seem like a pair of cleats, it's much more than that.  When at-risk students have the opportunity to practice during lunch...instead of roam around town, they are in a positive place and among positive teachers and school support staff.  The cleats allow students to keep their shoes clean, play better, have more fun, and most of all, be inspired that people care that they're on the field training to represent their school.  Each day a student participates at lunch or after school instead of many other options that aren't as positive.  

The athletic programs, even just if just minimal, have been improving student attendance at the continuation schools.  Attendance directly affects grades and passing classes, and therefore, graduation rate. 

It's amazing how sports cleats can change a whole kids life...and after teaching for 14 years, Surfwanderer knows this, and thus, invest in at-risk students in this way.




School Logo wear was ordered for students in need in order to inspire hope.  When students have clothing that represents their school, they begin to feel more a part of that school.  

15 students in need at a local continuation high school in Santa Maria were given school t-shirts to help them feel that school spirit that is important to feeling like they are part of the school family.

It's awesome how a t-shirt can bring so much happiness to a student and can give them such a boost in spirit that last all year.  Surfwanderer recognizes the connection between a positive community feeling and student success.  That was the idea behind the T's!

*School and Student names are concealed to protect their privacy

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