When an at-risk student who hasn't shown up in days finally comes to school and is so tired and lethargic that he can't seem to stay awake, and when his teacher asks him what's wrong and he replies, "I'm hungry...I'm just so hungry.  I've been homeless and I haven't eaten much lately."  Surfwanderer's mission is to get that student lunch and/or a gift card for meals later that day/week.  This happens when a collaborative teacher of the Surfwanderer family purchases that student what they need, and gets reimbursed by Surfwanderer.


better sleep

When a very tall high school at-risk student was homeless last year, sleeping in a friends garage because his family was not around, and in this garage he was sleeping in a kids-size bed with a kids-sized blanket that hardly covered his body, Surfwanderer, went and bought him an adult-size comforter!


hope and healing stones

When many of the students at Continuation High Schools dread the holidays because they are without their family, or because the tension in their households become very toxic that time of year, Surfwanderer delivers hope and healing stones to students on campus as well as a guide to the healing the stone they received gives.  These are some of the simplest and most powerful events of all.  Students, even 6 months later know exactly where their hope stones are, and hold them very near to their hearts.