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Where Your Money is Going

Scholarship for Tony G!

For the last two years, Tony G has turned his life into a positive giving machine.  He has served as the Leader of the Leaders of Hope Club at his school, helping others as a mission to find hope himself.  From mentoring J.R. High Students, to being a part of Writing "The Book of Hope," to helping put on the Free Holiday Store at his school for other students in need, Tony G has inspired his teachers and fellow students.  25% of the proceeds from this Surfwanderer Sale will go to Tony G for a college scholorship next year!  Buy  to support Tony!

Scholarship for Mike C!

Mike C is a support staff classroom aid at Delta High School.  Surfwanderer CGO (Cheif Giving Officer), Shawn T, noticed how unbelievably awesome Mike C was with all of his students.  A year and a half ago, Shawn sat down with Mike C to encourage him to reach to finish his college degree and get his teaching credential so that students for many years would have the opportunity to have Mike be their teacher and mentor.  Surfwanderer is proud to give 25% of the proceeds from this sale to Mike C for a scholarship to finish up this college journey.  Buy to support Mike!

Resources for Local At-Risk Students

For the last two years, Surfwanderer together with you the community has raised money for local at-risk youth in our high schools, Junior Highs, and elementary schools.  The money is used for everything from food, to clothes and shoes during the winter months, to money for teachers to run Leadership groups on campus built by at-risk youth, in order to give hope to other people in need.  Buy Now to support our Local At-Risk Youth!

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Back lit surfer: Photo: Jon Reis // Nose Ride: Photo: Morabito